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We are delighted to present our new books from the rejuvenated Capra Press. We think they are a delightful and representative potpourri of literature, mysteries, poetry and general interest books. Beautifully printed and artistically designed, the new entries fit right into a long list of illustrious Capra titles. CLICK ON THE TITLE OF EACH BOOK TO SEE MORE:

BARRE, RICHARD Wind on the River

HARRINGTON, KENTDia de Los Muertos Foreword by James Crumley


CONRAD, BARNABYLast Boat to Cadiz

BARRE, RICHARDBethany Foreword by Robert Crais

BERNARD, IANWriting Humor Foreword by Fannie Flagg

EMMONS, ROBERT The Road to Paradise Foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winner N. Scott Momaday

Rich Barre, noted author, joins Capra Press as associate publisher and editor...

We are pleased to announce that Rich Barre, winner of the Shamus Award for the best first P. I. novel in 1996, has joined Capra Press as associate publisher and senior editor. Not only has Rich been the successful author of a string of wonderful mysteries, but he also owned his own public relations and advertising company for 15 years. "Rich's empathy as an author and his skills in public relations are going to make an indelible mark on the new Capra Press," said Bob Bason, Capra's new owner and publisher. "We are delighted and lucky to have him with us. It's a great match."

ebook manager Read the Goleta Valley Voice article on the new Capra Press by clicking here .

Rich Barre and Bob Bason. Click here for Rich Barre's homepage

Capra Press founder, Noel Young, died in May 2002

Capra Press is saddened by the death of its founder, Noel Young, on May 31, 2002. He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for some time and the press had been sold in 2001 to Robert Bason, a Santa Barbara book collector, who has promised to carry on the literary traditions of Capra Press. Noel is celebrated in the small press world as a remarkable entrepreneur and will long be remembered for the list of works he published by authors such as Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Ross McDonald, Ursula Le Guin, Thomas Sanches, Edward Hoagland, Gretel Ehrlich, and Raymond Carver, among others. Extensive obituaries about Noel were published in the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as the Santa Barbara News-Press. His life was celebrated at a gathering of his legion of friends and admirers on June 22. The legends about his life will undoubtedly live on, as will his life's work - the publication of hundreds of beautiful and important books. We will miss you, Noel. Click here to read about Noel's early life as a publisher.

Capra Press is reborn in 2002...

The Capra Press name, logo, and some remaining miscellaneous books were purchased in 2001 by Robert Bason, a local Santa Barbara bookseller and book lover. The previous Capra Press corporation had been closed due to the illness of Noel Young, its founder. The focus of the press will remain on literature, with selective books in other areas, including fiction, mysteries, books on books, and a new section of books by Santa Barbara authors and about Santa Barbara. To see the available Capra backlist books for sale, click here.

Right: Capra's new owner, Bob Bason, with his wife, Carol, and grandchildren Sian and Charlie.

Did you know that Capra was started in 1948...

Capra Press is one of the oldest private presses in Santa Barbara. It was started in 1948 as Noel Young Printer. The first book was published in 1969 under the name "Capricorn Press." The name of the press was changed to Capra Press in 1979. To see a delightful "memory" of the early years of Capra Press by its founder, Noel Young, click here.

The first 10 years of Capra Press books...

A bibliography of Capra Press books (by Melissa Mytinger) for its first 10 full years (1969-1979) was published by Capra Press in 1979. You can see the full listing of the books by clicking here.

Collecting Capra Press books...

Early Capra Press books have become highly collectible. The first editions of the Capra books by Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Ray Bradbury, Raymond Carver, Lawrence Durrell, Gretel Ehrlich, Ross Macdonald, and many others have become quite expensive. To see the checklist of early Capra books, click here.

Some Capra Press books are still available...

A few miscellaneous copies of Capra Press's back list are still available. Click here to check availability.

We want to hear from you...

We would be delighted to hear from you with questions about Capra Press, our books, or anything else literary. Contact us by clicking here.

Capra's new Board of Advisors...

We are delighted to introduce members of Capra's new Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of individuals whose personal prominence and expression of public support for fine literature will help create a positive environment for the renewed literary endeavors of Capra Press. The Board is being formed now and other member will be added, but the following are presently serving:

  • Richard Barre - Shamus Award-winning author of the Wil Hardesty series. Click here to see Rich Barre's home page.
  • Brian Fagan - Professor of Anthropology at UCSB and prolific and bestselling author of works on archaeology (as well as his avocation - sailing).
  • Steve Gilbar - An anthologist with 11 books on the joys and pleasures of reading.
  • Frank Kelly - Author, former speechwriter for President Truman.
  • Shelly Lowenkopf - Author and teacher in the Writing Program at USC.
  • Dennis Lynds - Prolific author of over 60 works (under the pseudonyms of Michael Collins and at least four other names), winner of the Edgar Award.
  • David Myrick - Author, probably the West's preeminent authority on railroads.
  • Ralph Sipper - An authority on modern first editions, author of several books (most notably about Ross Macdonald) and owner of Ralph Sipper Books.
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Dennis Lynds in a Jerry Bauer photo

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