"One of the best hard-boiled detective novelists of the decade." San Francisco Chronicle


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Burning Moon Tour Dates!
Richard Barre might be visiting your area during the Burning Moon Book Tour. Make sure not to miss him and click here best essays for dates!
The NEW Barre novel...
The new novel starring Wil Hardesty is in out! Burning Moon and is set on the California coast (in and around Santa Barbara). Wil is pulled into a serious gang war. Does he get back together with Lisa?
The Barre Christmas stories...
They haven't been published yet, but it's a fact that Rich has written seven Christmas stories - one each year for the last seven years. AND they are wonderful. Perhaps they will be picked up soon and published. It's time. To see the complete writings of Rich Barre, click here
Signed first editions of Rich's books are available...
Would you like to buy one of Rich's books SIGNED by him? They are ALL available, although the first book, The Innocents (winner of the Shamus Award in 1996), is very hard to find and getting more expensive. Click here to look at the list and the prices (easy payment by credit card - and fast shipping!).
Interview with Rich...
Click here to see a wonderful interview of Rich Barre by Jon Jordan of Mystery One. What's the ONE thing that Rich ALWAYS has in his refrigerator?
Join Rich's mailing list...
Click here to join the mailing list. You will get ADVANCE notice of Rich's new books, his appearances and opportunities for book SIGNINGS. In addition, every 100th person who signs up on Rich's list will receive a FREE signed first edition of one of Rich's books, compliments of Robert Bason Books. SIGN UP NOW. YOU MAY WIN.
Rich would like to hear from you...
Rich loves to hear from his fans - and he tries to write back. If you'd like to send Rich an e-mail message, click here.
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The Innocents, 1995
The Innocents, 1995

Bearing Secrets, 1996

The Ghosts of Morning, 1998

Blackheart Highway, 1999


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